Life, what will you do tomorrow..

3rd February 2017

As with most people I started Photography as a hobby, I liked the way you see the world through the lens.


It’s a long path, for some its a lifetime of experience before you truly become a great photographer.

People see’s the world a different way. Those who look, will see there is more than just the surface layers, you have to look closer to get the detail and honesty of what you are looking at


Sometimes things I shoot,  I think are ok, only to find others really like it, and visa versa.

This is the first post entry of my new website, I moved away from building and managing my own site, hopefully spend more time on the photos, rather than the management, yet I seem to be spending a lot of time building this up, I’m sure its going to be worth it!

The photos on this website are from my travels, adventure, local points of interest, things I like, nothing more at this stage. If you think something is particularly good let me know. I am always looking to improve

let the adventure continue..

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