A review of last year and looking forward

2017 was a busy year, I completed the IAM advanced motorcycle riding course, toured most of Wales, Ireland, England and Scotland and covered a lot of miles in the process. Photography is part of every trip, whether its a day out or a major photography tour, capturing the moment to preserve the memory and show others what you’ve seen is a big part of my travels

I already have several tours booked for 2018 and a few photography related workshops, so really looking forward to getting out there. There are going to be some really interesting locations and photos coming

To start the year, lets look at some of the most recent shots..

While a few of these have already been uploaded as part of the Scotland tour, many have been reworked. Normally I just use Aperture and correct Exposure, Contrast etc. but occasionally I put images through Focus CK, Intensify CK, Noiseless CK and Snapheal CK. In 2018 I will also be using Affinity Photo to really focus on some of the best, throughout the year

These boats are totally wrecked, but both have new rope holding them to the shoreline, why! but that’s what intrigued me


Loch Lomond lake flight, I like the perspective as the plane banks left and the sense of size that each boat is compare to the surrounding, never mind the open ocean


Isle of Skye and Scotland landmarks and sunsets


North Scotland coast line near Keith, a single standing wall and window looking out along the coast, the building no longer exists. A peaceful coastal village


Part of a garden estate, this pear sculpture made from garden tools


Vibrant flowers, every changing colour’s and variety. Think about macro shots really getting the detail


The warmth of the sun, a little sun bathing to recharge. A rock will do, they don’t mind


The Isle of Skye bridge, rode and walked it during my visit, steeper than it looks, but a great view point while on a boat trip


Happy New Year

Goto Top

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