A day out on the Peaks January 2018

A photography day with James Grant. We met on the east side of the Peak District at 7:15, near Higger Tor, that meant a 5am start and while we were ready, the weather was not, the sunrise became the fogrise! So we moved on to the forest, Bole hill and focused on more localised items. After lunch we moved to a different location Padley Gorge and shot a fast flowing river. Finishing along the ridge at Baslow Edge. So we made the best out of the day, I particularly like the rock formation and reflection



Manual focus to pinpoint on large rock in the centre, setting shutter speed and iso manually to get the desired affect



With a busy river and scene, isolating a single boulder to provide calming image





Use of a Polarised filter to give a strong affect, but also enrich the colours within the scene




Using the tripod set very low, to get the full feeling of height, basically an ant’s view!



While focusing on this rocky outcrop, a little fluffy Robin Red Breast landed, faced me and then proceeded to pose. I missed the initial shot, but minutes later he returned and I got the second shot below



To end the day we went up on top again, focused on some large boulders and enjoyed the end to a cold and windy day. Considering the weather we did ok!





Goto Top

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One thought on “A day out on the Peaks January 2018

  1. like the mill stones the most because of the history they hint at. why so many? how long ago were they left there? why leave them? what local history supports this…


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