Pale Heights Hill Delamere Forest January 2018

A photography morning trying out new photography methods, including graduated filters and multi exposures. Location is the highest point in Delamere, roughly 8am for around 1.5 hours shooting.

There were a few monuments and directional stones on top, otherwise composition was limited. This first image is South facing, while waiting for sunrise


While I took several multi exposures, I was shooting into the light to try and understand the graduated filter effect, though once the sun burst through the cloud cover, holding those highlights become difficult



The main central monuments

Pale Hill Main Monument 1

Pale Hill North Facing 1


Pale Hill West Facing 1

A dragonfly carving back at the main carpark. As you can see it was so early I was the only one until 9:45! Compared to midday after 6 mile hike, Delamere cafe looked like a day care centre for dogs and small children, but good to see so many people out


Goto Top

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