Lake District Ride and Hike

Long weekend riding and hiking

As part of the introduction to the new year, a friend and I agreed to ride up to the Lake District and then hike around the popular mountains. We chose the area around Great Langdale.

Part one was the ride up, a fairly straight forward motorway journey on our motorcycles. We started Friday morning, waiting for the rain to stop and then met at a service station and continued riding up. The M6 still has a majority of 50 mph restriction and then an accident further North caused more delay, but eventually we made it.

Route to Lakes

As it was still early afternoon we then decided to ride to Keswick for dinner. Again for some reason the local council have reduced road speeds to 50 mph, even on long sections of roads with good surface and no buildings. At this rate the whole of the UK will become a 50 zone!! it’s just not needed

Keswick short ride.png

The follow day, Saturday thankfully was going to be warm and dry day. We planned the hiking route and the following images are from the day out. This OS 3D image shows our 10-12 mile hike (variable as both our gps systems recorded different distance), but it felt like 12! The start and end was the New Dungeon Gill hotel


Route up

Route over

Route back

On Sunday, we took the decision to include some country roads, rather than just do the M6 back down, so I took us around and through the Forest of Bowland. After a nice lunch in Waddington Arms, Waddington, we pushed on through some heavy rain to reach home

Route from Lakes

The bikes and gear worked well, but needed a good wash and clean. I’m ready for the bigger adventures!

Ignore the May reference on images, I tagged all images date incorrectly

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