Iceland Motorcycle Tour

In the first week of January 2018, I planned and booked 28 days of holidays, nothing like getting organised. One of these holidays included a circumnavigation anti clockwise around Iceland on my trusty motorcycle

My original plan was for a Photography holiday, capturing all those great sights around the island, but as I investigated more I found several companies providing options and support by motorcycle. I chose Globebusters to organise the holiday, the transport of motorcycle to/from Iceland and provide company and support

So this post blog agenda is simple breakdown of each day, indicating key photographic items and post of the images

The majority of photos were taken with my Panasonic GX8, 14-42, 45-150 and 100-300mm lenses, with travel tripod, filters etc. In some cases my mobile Galaxy S8+ was used, for convenience. Where light was difficult many of the photos were taken as multi exposure and stacked later in On1 Photo Raw 2018 software

You will find my favourite framed shots here, but return to view the adventure below!

Remember you can click on any image to see larger versions! and then use swipe or arrows to navigate quickly

DAY 1 

I landed in Iceland a few days early to ensure I took in all the sights around Reykjavik and what a start, sunshine and light winds for Sunday 5th August, I managed to walk the majority of the city, covering Saga Museum, Whales of Iceland Exhibition, The Old Harbour area, Harpa Music hall, National Museum of Iceland, City Hall, Perlan including man made Ice cave, Kjarvalsstadir Art Museum and various other sights





I planned to collect my motorcycle on Monday 6th, but it turned out it was a Bank Holiday and was delayed until Tuesday 7th, with the help of the Globebusters team we collected several bikes from the Eimskip docks. Once I had my ride, I returned to the hotel, sorted my gear out and got out

First ride out of the city South West towards Keflavik to visit the Viking museum, very close to the airport. The wind was blustery moving the bike around and at times cold. I then continued around to Garour to photograph the Gardskagi lighthouses. I continued anti clockwise around Hafnir and Grindavik. I stopped briefly at the ‘Bridge between Continents’ between the North American Plate and Eurasian Plates. Finally stopping at the famous Blue Lagoon (which requires pre booking at least a week in advance). I didn’t have my camera so a few shots with my S8+ was sufficient, as I left.




Start of the motorcycle tour proper on the 8th August, we had a strong group of 16 riders and a few passengers. The first day was fairly short, riding via Pingvellir then to Gullfoss, staying near the original Geysir, allowed a stroll later in the evening to watch the water squirt metres into the air.

Gullfoss waterfalls, original Geysir, Geothermal station




Waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. Most southern point of Iceland and the Dyrholaey Reserve




The largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull and Skaftafell National Park. Glacier Lagoon and Beach




Hverir, a geothermal spot with mud pots and fumaroles. Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall. Lake Myvatn




Akureyri, Iceland’s second City




Ride along the Eyjafordur, with great coastal views to Siglufjordur. Turf farmhouse at Glaumbaer. Hvammstangi



DAY 9 & 10

Westfjords, remote and isolated Northern part of Iceland. Unpaved roads. Witchcraft museum. Whales playing and breaching in one of the bays, sadly no pictures



DAY 11

Isafjordur, tunnels to Pingeyrie. To cliff and coastal views from our hotel in Patreksfjordur



DAY 12


The final riding day was more of a cruise back to Reykjavik, unpack, repack, drop the motorcycle off at the shipping yard etc. In the evening we had our fairwell meal as a group in a local restaurant near the Hallgrimskirkja cathedral

Day 13

On the Saturday many people took return flights. I stayed on, but moved hotels to enjoy the day of featival around Reykjavik, with street stalls, music and in the late evening fireworks, but with a 3am start to get the bus for my return flight on Sunday, it was a long but enjoyable day

So Iceland in summary is still rugged, it has changeable cool weather, the roads are slowly becoming tarmac, though we rode over 80 kilometers of rough road. All the Fosshotels are like new (probably are in some cases) and those homestead were warm and welcoming

Iceland in the future is going to be very different. The amount of buildings to support the tourists is changing it from a rustic old worldly place to a more modern centre. The North and North East hasnt seen this yet

Am I glad I rode Iceland rather than site in a warm comfortable car, hell yes. You feel, smell and engage with your surrounding and having to do some semi off roading made it the adventure to remember

Ride safe and keep your camera ready, you never know what you’ll see and capture!

Don’t forget my favourite framed shots here

Goto Top

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