Photograph Art – Update September 2018

25th September 2018

Following several holidays and tours this year I had time to play while travelling. One of my favourite iPad apps is BrushStroke by Code Organa. This app allows you to load up a photo and transform it into different forms of art. Here are some of my selected photos from the year so far

Wales Mountain 2018

Snowy mountains of Wales 2018

Teignmouth Boats 2018

Blue Teignmouth 2018

Teignmouth 2018

Pier to the rear Teignmouth 2018

Spain Tree View 2018

Olive Groves Spain 2018

Spain Bridge to beach 2018

Sandy Bridge Spain 2018

Spain 2018

High speed Gondola Spain 2018

Scotland Boat 2017

Solitary Boat Scotland 2017

Loch Lomond 2018

Loch Lomond Sunset 2017

Ireland 2017

Boats at Ross Castle Killarney Ireland 2017

Iceland Waterfalls 2018

Waterfall Cascade Iceland 2018

Iceland Thermal plant 2018

Thermal Processing Centre Iceland 2018

Iceland Water flow 2018

Trapped Water Iceland 2018

Iceland Reykavik

Reykjavik from Perlan view point Iceland 2018

Iceland Mountain range 2018

Receding Mountains Iceland 2018

Iceland Lake 2018

Water Barrier Iceland 2018

Iceland Lagoon 2018

Iceberg formation Iceland 2018

Iceland Lagoon 2 2018

Iceberg Lagoon Iceland 2018

Iceland Flowers above waterfall 2018

Colour over raging torrent Iceland 2018

Iceland Boat over flowers 2018

Rose bush boat Iceland 2018

Iceland 2018

Pufa Iceland 2018

Iceland 2 2018

Classic dress opposite Glaumbaer turf house – Iceland 2018


3rd February 2017

Photography can represent the real world as is, a snapshot in time, an event or to record a memory. It can also be an expression of mind, a vision that someone imagined before, during or after the fact. With todays software anything is possible. There is no reason not to express through manipulation

This blog will present those images I felt work well in a modified form

Reflect on a great day

A water break in Fuerteventura, with blue skies and rugged mountains, mirrored replacing the sea

Natures Shapes

The lighthouse from the centre has gone, leaving a heart shape within the sand

Lighthouse in the sky

Talacre lighthouse floating in the sky

Land Reflects

South East tip of Fuerteventura, showing gap in rock, reflects upon itself

Duplex 2

Flower split and duplicated to open the centre bud


From a basic circular to complex flower formation


Similar to original, but the mirror introduces the art down the walk way

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