Hoylake Landscape – October 2018

Playing with Landscape, Sky and Reflections

Following several workshops and with several more to come this year, I wanted to get out and experiment. I set my alarm for 5am, slept through that alarm and missed sunrise by about 15 minutes, on the flip side the sunrise wasn’t as majestic as I would have liked. Regardless I continued and took a few shots around the Hoylake area on the Wirral

On arrival the sun was struggling to get through the cloud coverTravel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, WorkshopsSoon the cloud was separating and colour was showingTravel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, WorkshopsFinally getting some reflections in the ponds. Use a polariser to boost contrast Travel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, WorkshopsThe distant Power stations and Queensferry bridge still in low mistTravel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, WorkshopsStepping back to include some foreground interest (limited I admit), but with a light HDR merge of 3 exposure shots, start to get depth to the imageTravel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, Workshops

I know the foreground interest is limited and there is lots of Sky (mainly as I wanted some stock images of various sky types, it was good to get out. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have more engaging topics to shot

As an experiment I took image 1 and 3 and merged them, again too much sky, but the masking and merge was fairly easy in On1 Photo Raw 2018.5. Though trying to blend further elements requires practise

Travel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, Workshops

Lesson learnt, when taking multiple exposures to use for stacking or light HDR, set to manual, retain focus, but change the F stop, to get a wider focal range. The above are 3 images merged, with same F11, but different ISO automatically set by camera when using AV mode. Hey making a mistake, is just another way to learn, until next time..

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