Macclesfield Forest Sunset November 2018

Following a morning in South Manchester and with a sunset as early as 16:18 I decided to call at Macclesfield Forest, which has several view points within reasonable reach. On arrival there was great light, so I headed for the lower lake, 10 minutes later cloud and little to no light. So I packed up and headed to the highest point for sunset

On arrival and after a quick chat with another photographer who was already well into the evening light, I setup with my Sony A7 and Canon 17-135 with metabones V adapter, tripod and Cokin filters

Macclesfield Forest Nov 2018

Macclesfield Forest Nov 2018

The following shots are as the sun fades on my left shoulder, highlighting the valley below

Really this is practise for an up and coming two day evening in Wales, overall happy with the equipment, though the attached remote works when it wants to, so a IR remote on order

Remember it get icy cold as the sunsets, ensure have the clothing, hat, gloves, scarf etc. as well the camera! keep warm, stay happy



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