Snowdonia The Changing Light November 2018

The weekend starting 16th November was a busy one. Starting with a evening with Andy Rouse (the wildlife, Big Cat photographer) talk at Feastival Drayton. It was interesting to see how someone can focus on not only a single subject matter, but a single location and just a few animals. By working closely with the Ranthambhore National Park, running workshops etc. he is achieving his goals

The next morning I had a 5am start, Saturday 17th, I drive through the dark and fog, over to Llanberis pass to take some sunrise shots of Snowdon, arrive at 7am at the upper car park, to find its full! So continued down the valley and grabbed some shots from a vantage point.

I then had a two day workshop with Going Digital, firstly out of Plas-y-Brenin and then Coed-y-Brenin on Sunday. I chose this for it’s location and to continue my photography education. Starting with a Landscape session, we moved to the rear of the Outdoor centre and focused on the landscape with the morning light

This is Llynnau Mymbyr lake, taken low to include foreground interest, which then leads to the right, to the Snowdonia mountains in the rear. In the distance is a farm house on the green mound directly opposite. I wanted to exclude any road or vehicles, which existed on the right of the shot

Snowdon Nov 2018

Snowdon Nov 2018

Following a morning break and review, other locations were suggested, and I decided to try the local Church and grounds. With the midday sun, shadows were casting nicely across the stones. Odd subject I know, but it was a peaceful place, allowing focus. The road shot is included as two cyclists came flying by, converted to mono. The last image is stacks of hay bale and netting

After lunch we wondered to different locations, but still within the area. I added my flash and focused mostly on local fauna, shapes and shadows

This was a low shot with small amount of flash within the forest area, leaves as found, no staging required

Snowdon Nov 2018

Snowdon Nov 2018

These represent the afternoon shots. With harsh sunlight, I looked for contrast and shadow

Sometimes if you look closely there is almost a forest, within the forest

Snowdon Nov 2018

Snowdon Nov 2018

We ended a great day early as the sun started to set, to allow the course review and closure

This was shot around 15:30 from over the bridge about half way down the forest track and on the opposite side of the lake from the morning session. The sun was already low in the sky

Snowdon Nov 2018

Snowdon Nov 2018

See part 2 in the next Blog for photos and detail of the sunrise at Borth y Gest and the Going Digital Water and Mood workshop

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