Chester Zoo December 2018

So we reach the end of 2018. Its been a good year of photography, travel, events and activities and I hope my blogs and photos have contributed to this.

Recently I purchased the Sony A7 III and while loving the camera, using the Canon lenses via the Metabones V has been hit and miss. While static landscape etc. are fine, any movement i.e. motorsport or animals, left me struggling with getting quick accurate focus. compared to using the Canon 7D II with same lenses. With the cost of the Sony and native third party lenses, that leaves me in a dilemma about what to keep/sell. A decision will be made soon, but I do expect to keep the Sony A7 III based on its overall full frame capability. To support that I just got a Tamron 28-70mm F2.8 with Sony EF mount, which needed a good testing, so I decided Chester Zoo, as its always been a good test with movement, distance, various light etc.

Travel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, Workshops

So the follow shots are mainly with this combination, with a few using the Canon 70-300 L lens. Remember to click on an image to view larger, then navigate using mouse or arrow keys


While not classed as a macro lens, it does allow close range and returns good images

Travel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, Workshops

Visiting on a day during the Christmas week was always going to be busy, and the new segment of the Zoo was all but empty due to recent fire. Overall it was a good day, plenty of walking and fresh air. With confirmation that when using native lenses for the Sony A7, can can get great results

I can confirm the Tamron 28-70mm F2.8 is a very good sharp lens, with great focus and colour throughout. When paired with the Sony A7 III, I had no issues with focus and sharpness

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL

In 2019 I have a several trips arranged including motorcycle touring Europe and another ride around Northern Ireland. With a special Venice trip to focus on architecture and long exposure photography, it should be another exciting year

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