Erddig Photo Walk

Erddig National Trust Garden

Its a cool dry day, and I found Erddig National Trust were running a 1 hour photo walk, so I popped over. The following images are the result of one and half hours walk about.

We started in the main walled garden, the light was shining through, but that didnt last. We moved anti clockwise around the estate, taking in the main garden, front building and later I snapped a few of the inner buildings to complete the day

As we moved back to the main house, I focused on the statues and secondary buildings, with a few abstract images thrown in. While using the frozen lake to capture some reflections.

Then around the front capture some of the ivy growing over the property, then later some of the inner barns and courtyard areas to finish

To be fair the light was limited, but as you view the images from top down, I started with the Tamron 28-75, then for the birds used the 70-300 and finally the 16-35, all performed perfectly

Sometimes its the obvious things you should ignore, try looking around first for different angles, points of interest that arent directly in front of you, take the time to get familar with the surroundings, and ultimately come away with some great alternate shots

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