Jessops Flash Workshop

As with most things in life, learning is the only way to move forward. With Photography there are many aspects of taking a photograph, and using one or more Flashes is an area I needed more training. So I signed up for a Jessops Flash workshop day down in Birmingham

The following examples are some of the best of the day

Following a morning theory session, we moved to reviewing the range of flash and camera settings, the way light falls off depending on power, settings and distance to subject etc. The only shot I’ll present here is how we captured the splash shot

The camera was set to ISO 100, F2.8 at 1/2000 with the Godox 350S flash mounted on camera. Shot triggered on release of object into glass and with the flash speed the resulting image

I had to double vignette and crop to remove unwanted background items

Demo night

Next we moved to using a model. At this point we started to use Flash triggers, starting with ours, then adding up to another two flashes, triggered via optical i.e. slaves triggered by the master flash

This example shows the results of two flashes, the main flash to the left and reduced power to the rear

Demo night

After several sessions with different positions and changing the flash colour using orange bags (gels and flash colours are ideal for this), we then moved outside. The position had sun coming over my right shoulder, with an assistant holding the flash just above and from the left

Demo night

Same setup, different position

Demo night

Same position, increased flash and body cropped

Demo night

Finally due to changes in natural light we moved over to another building and this time using flash shoot into the sun, so natural light is coming through her hair, but exposing the face from the right side to counter balance the day light and my favourite of the day

Demo night

Many thanks to Pete from Jessops for the workshop and covering the new world of flash and off camera flash. Hopefully I will put this to good effect soon

Goto Top

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