BSB Oulton Park

BSB Oulton Park Free Practice

Its Bank holiday weekend in the UK and Oulton Park race track is within 40 minute drive, this weekend the BSB motorcycle event is on, so for a morning out and some high speed photography practice, I figured pop over and take a few shots

While these images aren’t from race day, some of the riders were pushing hard. If anything a little too hard, because the first hour 09:00-10:00 there was at least 3 red flags. The main reason for this was temperature, both the air was a very cool 7 degrees, and as we all know, cold track and cold tyre’s just don’t stick

_DSC5468So here are some example shots. I will be the first to say some of the focusing isn’t 100%, I used the auto focusing within Zone most of the time and played with A and S, with most shots at 1/1250-1/4000. It was a bright sunny morning, so ISO stayed low and while I didn’t have any trouble taking the shots, some of the results were hit and miss

As you can see I focused a lot on composition, selecting those images where riders are well separated, using angle and perspective. While the single rider alone on the apex is a great shot (below), showing multiple riders in various state of motion as they take the next turn, focused on getting past the next rider, seems to give a great result


I hope they all have a great race day on Monday 6th May, ride well, stay safe

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