Supercar Festival 2019

Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, Worcestershire

It’s July and every hour I’m checking the weather because in the last few days run-up to, the Supercar festival it’s not looking great, not only rain but thunderstorms were forecast. While attending an event in poor weather can be done, spending two nights in a field, in a two-man tent, isn’t my idea of fun. So as with all things in life, I prepared, getting a waterproof gazebo, cooker, heater, table etc. because let’s face it, camping means doing everything outside in the open and to be comfortable, you need to take a lot of stuff

So the event itself was a combination of a hill climb track, with a mass of supercars. In addition, they had a second very large field with cars on show, some stalls, food and music. Onsite there was a restaurant and small bar, with music being played in the grand looking barn


So I and three friends arrived Friday afternoon, probably the 20th or so on-site, we were pushed in close proximity to the other tents, as they expected hundreds, as it turned out the first-night forecast put most people off and only a few more arrived

The pictures are record shots, starting with the parking area. Where the cars lined up for the start was packed and hard to get clean shots, but at least you get the atmosphere

Moving up along the hill climb track, to take advantage of the views looking back, allowed for some rear and face-on shots. First location fairly low, at this point they are doing around 40 mph into the first corner

Later into Saturday, I wondered the display field. My favourite being the Nissan 370Z

Finally, I make it to the top of the track, it was a warm, humid day and managed a few more snaps

So overall, while we did get some rain, the event went ahead and everyone enjoyed it.


I came away with the conclusion, there are plenty of people with far too much money, who like to play with expensive toys. Jealous a little, sure, but then at heart, I’m more a biker, than a petrol head.

In Cheshire and many places in the UK, speeds have been reduced, many 60 mph are now 50 and even 40. As they build more housing estates, our greenbelt and therefore our terrific country roads are being lost. The situation won’t improve. If anything year on year we will end up going slower than ever before.

Driving standards have become poor, but you can improve. There are various companies that focus on observation, teaching you about vanishing point, apex, speed awareness and much more. This Advanced driver/rider training will benefit you, by making your driving more progress, getting pleasure from being in the car or on the motorcycle

As a member of the IAM RoadSmart formerly called the Institute of Advanced Motorists, which is a charity based in the United Kingdom and serving nine countries, whose objective is to improve car driving and motorcycle riding, is highly recommended. They can put you in contact with the many groups that can advise and train you

Drive safe

Goto Top

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