Getting dirty with some models

Meet Up photo session with 24 photographers and 13 models

After searching for a photography event last weekend, I came across the Meet Up app. Initially, it sounded like a dating advert, but it turns out to be a great way to meet like-minded people. A quick search returned an event in Birmingham, which sounded interesting. It was organised by Mark from West Midlands Photography. There was a great good selection of models with at least two dress changes during the day

The session started around 11:30 and the first location was outside, under a bypass with graffiti on the walls and an overpass walkway, so there was some shadow away from the harsh light

While I took plenty of shots, the environment with cars, rubbish and distractions, wasn’t my usual scene, but from the above, I think the variation in backgrounds allowed for some diversity

Once back in the studio, I took the chance to use studio lighting. Thankfully I’d purchased a Sony to Canon adapter the day before, so the triggers actually worked, meaning the large powerful lighting supplied lit the model perfectly

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As we moved around the buildings old interior, I use floor, lifts, walls and reflections to add some interest. The first image here model leaning against the wall, I actually replaced the two-tone with a brick effect, converting these to Black and White added texture to the images

In this image I add to the raw nature of the lift, with a dappled light texture overlay, ensuring not to cover the model


I spent some more time with this model, using the lift and corridors to good effect


Towards the end of the day’s session, back in the studio, the models had changed. I managed to grab the last few shots with this model. In both cases, the white studio background worked well (the floor was a little dirty) so I added a vail texture and worked in some shadows, not perfect but cleaner images as a result



I wish to thank Mark Kenwood from West Midlands Photography, along with the entire team including makeup, studio setup and of course the lovely models, all made a great day

The title refers to how dirty the models were getting while leaning, lying, hanging and hand standing around the old Telsen industrial building, with some parts still in use

So take a look at the Meet Up app and see what’s going on in your area

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