Haden Hill House Victorian Museum Photo Shoot

Meet Up photo session with 20 photographers and 11 models

Another Meet Up photo shoot. It was organised by Mark from West Midlands Photography. There was a great good selection of models with at least two dress changes during the day. This session was set in the Haden Hill house and grounds, Cradley Heath

The session started around 12:30 and the first location was inside, so there was a mixture of light, in most cases, I used fill-in flash from my Godox TT350S and small lightbox

Starting with the male models indoors

Using the items we were allowed to touch and alternate locations like the stairway, I switched models

One of my favourite models of the day was wearing a bright vibrant dress and hair inlaid. It took a few shots to get the location and lighting right, avoiding highlights on the background and face from the flash

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After a short break and a clothing change for the models, we moved to the garden, where the light was overcast.

This sequence of shots using the rose garden and later the Dragon gazeebo, while adding interest, it also added some difficulty, getting a good angle and including or excluding the frame

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These guys appeared later the in the day, but had a great look and were relaxed

Meet Up Halls of History Special Venue Birmingham Sept 2019

With a dress change complete, we moved to the building’s exterior and used walls, doors etc. to give some context

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I’ve included this image as its different, though the costume is really just the upper body, the stance and sword add interest

Meet Up Halls of History Special Venue Birmingham Sept 2019

A short sequence as the light was fading late afternoon

My favourite image of the day, while the way the rose is being held was someone else’s decision, but it adds something to the image

Meet Up Halls of History Special Venue Birmingham Sept 2019

I wish to thank Mark Kenwood from West Midlands Photography, along with the entire team including makeup, studio setup and of course the lovely models, all made a great day

So take a look at the Meet Up app and see what’s going on in your area

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