Llandudno Beach and Pier

Llandudno Beach and Pier

One of my Christmas presents was a set of ND big stoppers, for the primary lenses. They allow long exposures even in the middle of the day. Add some ND graduated filters and a tripod and you have the tools to take long exposure shots

Now the following is the result of a few hours out on Llandudno beach. The conditions weren’t ideal, but that never stops me

I started by focusing on the walkways and the receeding sea. All were on a sturdy tripod, but with 30 seconds or more exposure, getting consistently sharp shots takes some practise. Note all three images here are of the same walkway, simply taken with  different lenses at differing heights

Travel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, WorkshopsTravel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, WorkshopsTravel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, Workshops

I relocate to the other side, closer to the main Pier, which is to my left, allowing for different angles. As you can see the sea was very calm, so the overall effect is limited

Travel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, WorkshopsThis shows the main Llandudno PierTravel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, Workshopsand a 180 rotation to look back at the other raised walkway and the main hotels and buildingsTravel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, Workshops

With the light changing fast, I go walkabout, take a few shots under the pier

So a nice few hours out in the fresh air, a few lessons learnt

  1. The sturdy tripod is a must. Don’t extend the centre column to high
  2. Disable stablisation option in camera
  3. Use a remote trigger
  4. Use ND 10 stop filters and add ND graduated filters to blend sky and sea contrast
  5. When 30 seconds isn’t long enough, use a timer remote. I used a timer on my phone, but wish I had taken my plug in timer
  6. If the conditions no longer work, move on

The header shot above is 3 images auto stiched together using On1 Photo Raw 2020

I look forward to taking more dramatic shots through out the year

Goto Top

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