London City

London City, River and Photo walk

Variety is the spice of life. I’m lucky in that sometimes I do get to travel with work. On this occasion, I spent a few extra days in London. I arrived midday on a Saturday, dropped my bag at the hotel and went walkabout. The first section here was during the period of midday until around 20:00 on Saturday.

I moved through the main city building towards the Thames water and then pick up the sights along the river

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As the sun fell on the city, the already cold day turned into a very cold evening, around 4 degrees, so a short break, full and warmed up, I head out to take some long exposure shots of London Bridge

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Having to use a mini travel tripod restricted options, but was better than nothing. I manage to grab a shot of the office buildings before being moved on, then found the Golden Hinde

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Follow by the last few shots, cold and tired, I return to the hotel and start processing the images.

Day 2 I had arranged to Photo walk via EventBrite, but before needed change hotel. The meeting point was an hours walk, and thankfully the endpoint was at my hotel. As this was a group event, I met some nice friendly photographers. David was our guide.

If anyone has been on these before they know its a stop and go, mostly go affair. So I played catch up for most the walk, as the those with limited knowledge listened into David’s advice

I started by focusing on the monuments and alternative views of the eye



As we cross Golden Jubilee bridge

Down on the river, the children are being entertained by the bubbles. We use the old piers as platforms and focal points to shoot the city skyline

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Take a snap of the underside of Blackfriars Bridge and a new art installation, which I’m sure is made from cups



Final bridge to cross is the Millennium Bridge




Finally, back at the St Pauls area, we investigate the surrounding area, take the lift up to above the shopping centre, for some final shots

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So overall a good two half days around the City of London. I found some area’s I hadn’t previously visited and met some new people. I wish to thank David from Eventbrite for the walkabout

Remember if you want to take photos, not just snaps, you need to consider a tripod, Polariser filters and 10 Stop ND filters. This will take your shots from good to great. Finally when out and about in a strange place, be aware of your surrounding, stay in public places and keep your gear close. Be safe and enjoy your photography.

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