Steampunk style

Another busy photo shoot at West Midlands Photography, this time with Steampunk dress

With so many events being cancelled due to the virus, I was please to see a photo session via MeetUp. On arrival there were several familar faces and a few new ones. Lots of photographers.

We will dive right in with the first shot of the day. Using my Godox 350 flash on a stand, rather than on camera, allowed better direction of light and control


the next model, in vintage dress with hat and obligatory goggles. At one point another photographer asked for a hair flick, not my greatest capture, but I like the upside down effect

Next, one of my favourite models, with a striking red velvet lined coat and an umbrella, that you wouldn’t want to be caught out in the rain with

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As we shot through the day, I switch with several models and locations. This selection include some with significant tattoos

Towards the end of the session, my first model returned in a flowing white dress. While the setting isnt ideal, I tried to capture some poses

Finally, but definetly not last, my pick of the day. With a beautiful face and stunning eyes, in a simple outfit, with natural posing

I wish to thank Mark and West Midlands Photography and the entire team, including makeup and models. I had a great half day and plenty of usable shots

Stay well, be safe and accept that we cannot control everything or predict what will happen in the future!

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