On1 Photo Raw 2020.1

A review of some recent shots, using the latest On1 Photo Raw 2020.1

Having seen so many software updates from other parties, I was wondering when the next upgrade would come from On1. Today I got the answer. I will say from using it for a few hours today, it seems more stable. There are various listed updates I’ll let you scan the On1 website to see them

So what I’ve done it taken a look at some of my recent shots, either with highlight issues or those that could benefit from some light editing

Starting with one of my favourite images, which I can previously entered in to our club competition. The edits include Tone Enhancer, Sunshine and Curves, along with lifting and darkening of shadows across the main subject, given more depth. This can be seen along the leg, body and arm, as well as the dandelion head. Along with clean up and reduction in highlights in the lower right corner. Finally some image clean up along the bottom where previously dark flower heads were a distraction. Overall I like the results

2_Wind swept fairy in long grass Print_M_42

Next from the same days shoot, I done a similar update, this time adding a dynamic contrast, vignette and texture enhancement. I wanted to put a twist to the image, adding ash or snow effect to blend the sky in to a coherent image


This next shot from the same park, had a lot of background highlight, as it had reached midday. Converting to B&W, adding Grunge, Sunshine, Photo filter and Tone Enhancer and finally apply a Split tone, to soften what is a busy background. Not my favourite image, but a good exercise in photo post editing

_DSC1141 copy

This next image is at Llandudno beach, using the walkway out to sea, leading to the mass of wind turbines out at sea. Its not perfect, the long exposure was one of my first with some new ND Grad filters. Again a base conversion to B&W increase in contrast to the sky, darkening of the rocks and increase sharpness along the walkway. I concluded the out of focus is a lesson, to always get a few clear sharp shots, before putting the ND Grad on for long exposures, to allow blending

Travel, Adventure, Hiking, Events, Workshops

This shot is almost straight out of camera. I’ve applied a Split tone and Black border with white keyline, allowing the image to come through into the border area. Its a simple shot, though no focal point leaves the eye wandering


From the most recent photo shot, this clearly has a subject and focal point. The image was taken against a white floor and background, but it was littered with marks and dark spots, so rather than cloning and using the eraser, I decided to use a texture. Once the base texture is applied, using the local adjustments, you can select the colour of the background, select the option to colour replace and then select either a colour from the palette or from within the image. While the model clearly has separation, it feels like she is floating, but with the steampunk outfit and closed eyes, it blends well enough


During a London trip, I took this next shot along the river Thames. The building originally very dark, black and blue windows, with a harsh sun to my left. I really like the form of what I presume is the window cleaning arm. I took the image and applied a sun flare along with an adjustment to the colour, to warm things up. A little sharpening and the result is a considerbly different image to what was taken. Remember when taking shots, think about the end image, while the colour, contract or elements aren’t just right, if you’re willing, post editing can give you the result you visualised

London 18012020

And that is it, just a few shots post edited in On1 Photo Raw 2020.1

Stay well, be safe

Goto Top

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