Photo to Art

The follow have been created using my photo’s, using apps on a Samsung S6 tablet with pen. The apps used are some of the best available on Android, namely Picsart, Polarr, Snapseed, and just for completeness PS Express and Lightroom for Samsung.

In additions a few useful tools, Litphoto is a compression app, reduces files to a fraction of the file size without loss of quality. I also used eZy watermark, though others may be better.

These images have gone through several changes in Picart, with further tweaks in Polarr and Snapseed. They weren’t done in a few clicks. This first image was a favourite, originally taken Christmas time, so represents snow, winter flowers and ice as a backdrop.

This next image is a door knock from Venice. The door originally deep green and a rusted appearance. This conversation focused on getting a golden glow. I took this shot due to its character, colour and its tongue

This is a street in Krakow, it had just stopped raining and every corner turned have a new picture. I converted this to black and white, added texture and grunge. The lead in, is the sweeping street towards the distant towers

These shots are all from Krakow. The first is a very artistic bridge, flood lit, which we stumbled across on our first night. I captured a single person, as they were vanishing into the distance

This next image taken inside one of the largest of churches, right next to Hard Rock cafe in the centre. I really liked how the light was coming through the upper windows. A heavy conversion using a comic style, brings out the deep rich colours

Next we have the smallest of churches across the main square. I really liked the tree, split tones walls and small roof tower. I took this and added a water droplets effect into the sky portion, with some dodged and burn to merge it together, as if looking through a rain soaked window

The last image from Krakow is of the restaurant area, flood lit on a cold evening, at sub 5 degrees, the street heaters, glowed in the night air. I chose a more stylized approach, focusing on bold bright colours

My final image is from Irleands Giant Causeway. I like the conversation and colours. It had been raining hard on arrival, making all the stones shiny and slippery, with a view out to sea and horizon. You can see people climbing onto the furtherest stack and a lone person in a rain coat flapping in the wind, almost defending there position

Well that was a good few hours effort, learning and using both a new tablet and several apps. For years I’ve been an iPad guy, but I must say this 6th generation Samsung is a power house, flexible and nice to use with its light digital pen.

I hope everyone out there is well. It’s hard to motivate, wh not try selecting a few interesting images, down the free apps and see what you can produce, you may be surprised

Stay well, be safe

Goto Top

© 2009-2020 Carl Sumner @

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