Photo to Art

The following images are the result of taking photos and processing then through several apps, see previous post for details.

This first image was a photo, I converted to line only, then painted and applied effects. Blending colours using a limited range simplifies the image

This is a small selection from hiking shots. Given a light watercolour effect. Click to see larger images

I took this water and mountain shot to the extreme, adding stars and a strong paint effect.

Next a selection of flowers

Here I add a paint effect and reduce depth of field

To finish, a boat scene from Folkestone, during my motorcycle round trip to Italy last year

I really like taking time to convert my photos into art. Try to blend multiple processes and run images through several apps, to get something very different

Stay well, be safe

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One thought on “Photo to Art

  1. really like what you are doing here. keep the good work up! personally I did not like the added stars as it felt in sincere to the original. loved the line picture plus added colour – it added a new layer of thought and interpretation. fun to do also!


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