Rydal and Lakes

It’s March 2022, the weather still bitterly cold, and just in time for a day’s workshop and walkabout around Rydal Cave, Rydal Hall. This should have involved a 2 hour drive up the M6, which due to an earlier accident became jammed, so resulted in a 3 hours drive cross country towards Liverpool and then East joining M6 much higher up, a two night stay in my Nissan MPV camper in the Rydal grounds, with tempartures from 10 to 1 degree. A 5:30 am start on Saturday and 6:00 on Sunday.

We met up and proceeded over to the first location, with first shot of the day, I liked the reflection and branches leading in towards the island and boat house

A slight recomposition and second shot. Time was limited, 5 minutes after the sun rise, the water started to ripple and the reflection was lost

Next we continue up to Rydal Cave, a large open cave, with some water and stepping stone and a tree a the entrance. I struggled to see a composition, so focused on reflections

Some time later, we exit to get the warmth of the sun, then proceed above the cave into the cool wind! Taking a few shots of the surrounds mountains

By now its mid morning, so time to return to Rydal cafe, which resulted in a long wait for the group to get drinks. From here we took a look at a small waterfall, using ND Grad and slow shutter speed to capture the moving water. Personally its a little flat and various distractions in the background.

The main waterfall at Rydal with a small viewing building. I used On1Photo Raw 2022 to add some punch to the shot, I may have overdone it a little, but I like the effect

At this point I concluded the Saturday session, it was still cold and I needed a hot drink back in my camper. Once warm I took a walk around the estate, capturing a few of the hidden areas, below the bridge and on the short trail

I then prepared to capture a few shots on my return journey on Sunday. On the North East corner of Windemere lake.

With my final image, I tried to get the tall mast and boat with minimum distractions. The jetty doesn’t add to the shot, but it does lead the eye left to right. The sky and water had no feature or form, so I’ve made a slight adjustment here

So overall a limited set of shots, from 3 main locations. I could have spent more time at the third location, but it was 07:00 and around 1 degree with frost. So I packed up and returned home.

While the Lake District is a great location, you have to contend with the fact, its going to get busy from early, so be prepared to start earlier to capture the smooth waters and clutter free compositions.

The following shots were taken on my Samsung S20 FE, which is always quick to use and sharp.

Stay well, be safe

Goto Top

© 2009-2022 Carl Sumner @ http://www.photographit.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Rydal and Lakes

  1. I think your pictures are beautiful. I agree with your comments about sometimes overdoing touch up or, flat or cluttered- being a non professional I could see what you meant. I found the Rock and mountain pictures my favourite and liked the route commentary. I like the idea of copying the route one day so maybe grid locations or map (it might detract) would help- just a thought.


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