A holiday destination, its key focus if water based sports including surfing, kite boarding, scuba diving and much more. Being near the equator it has great all year warm weather with plenty of shore winds to keep things interesting


A beautiful Island, mountainous, rugged, coastal and warm. Of course most the island is volcanic so lots of black rock, but in between there is plenty of colour and things to see and do


Southern Italy, Sorrento and surrounding islands are a great getaway location. The Amalfi coast drive was an interesting, with winding road and shear drops towards the ocean. Boat rides out showed how coastal villages lived right up against the sea. Pompeii was a surprise, an old city with the museum in the centre covering the horrific events that to place

New York City

NYC a trip in January, what could happen! well the snow came and the city was shut down for a few days due to heavy snow and sub zero temperatures. Still you can’t keep a photographer from an adventure. Two days in the city, from high vantage points to a frozen Central Park, it was a great way to see the city again

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