Ireland Motorcycle Tour 2017

Every year the Harley Owners Group (HOG) hold a motorcycle event in Killarney South West Ireland, called Ireland Bike Festival. It brings thousands of bikers into beautiful Ireland. So myself and a friend, two motorbikes, some luggage and sense of adventure, set of for a 800 miles round trip around Ireland, taking in Kilkenny, Killarney, Galway and a lot of the Wild Atlantic Coastal roads. We took 5 days in total and by the end I had covered 910 miles

This shows the Ireland route excluding day trips

Ireland circular option 2 less motorway

In addition we did the The Ring of Kerry, which added about 80 miles

Ring of kerry

We dodged wet and windy weather to have some great riding. Ireland for the most part has a great road system and good tarmac. Only in the high tourist areas did the road get a little rougher

These pictures are simple holiday shots from Killarney, Galway and event

Due to high winds the return fast ferry was cancelled, the main ship also full, leading to a change of ferry and thankfully a crossing, though even that took hours more than it should. We left Galway 9:30, I got home 23:45 that evening, one long day

Evening event shots

So thats it, if you take anything from this, touring involves being flexible, take your waterproofs and use them! dress for comfort and ensure your vehicle is serviced and has good rubber, and most of all relax and have fun..

Goto Top

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