When a model is photographically aware

Portrait with costume photography workshop with Graham Currey

I don’t know if this is classed as practice anymore, but every time I attend a workshop or session I try to learn from the experience. This time we have a CPS who judges, photographs and also models, namely Graham Currey. The members of Crewe Photography Society (CPS) agreed to have a days session outdoors, capturing various locations and maybe unusual clothing

So lets get started. This wasn’t the first shot of the day, but its the first I was happy with in terms of results. We were using the best lighting money can buy – the sun, and a silver reflector. This picture is cowboy related (and yes that’s a fake gun prop). With the sun coming from over my right shoulder and reflector held to the left of the shot, the spread of light improved what would have been a shadow across the face

Graham Currey workshop June 2019 with CPSNext is the first location called Mow Cop, a somewhat faux, stone built building on top of a great view point, with views looking across Cheshire and beyondGraham Currey workshop June 2019 with CPS

Next, we had the Davy Crockett look a like, with fur hat. The left shot I added some light cloud as a effect, rather than new layer, due to a dull sky in the morning. The right image a low to the ground shot taken with wide angle lens at 16mm

After our short morning break, we relocate to a local Church and cemetery, again with a change of clothing, resembling a dock worker or early grave yard digger. I’ve tried to add some context by including some of the local fauna, stones etc.

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Next we moved onward to a local narrow boat yard, while limited access within the yard, we found a lovely conditioned boat, perfect for a shot or twoGraham Currey workshop June 2019 with CPS

With so many new people around the local ducklings couldn’t resist coming over to take a look. This was as close to an birds eye view of them I could manage, without falling in the canal. Based on colour and smell, you really wouldn’t want to fall in

Graham Currey workshop June 2019 with CPS

Capturing fast moving items like cards or dice being thrown is just another trick to learn, if you get the pun. Setting the camera to high speed shooting mode, using Aperture or Shutter priory to ensure plenty of images capture the action. I like this one as Graham’s eyes are firmly fixed on the upward moving dice

Graham Currey workshop June 2019 with CPS

You’re supposed to roll the dice!

and to finish the day, we had a game of cards.. well he threw them around quite a bit. I wasn’t initially happy, due to the distractions in the background, but with a little On1 Photo Raw 2019 editing, I think I’ve got the best shot of the day here

Graham Currey workshop June 2019 with CPS

Win or lose, I can do this..

Overall we had a good day, the weather was forever changing, keeping us on our toe (or camera settings) throughout. I wish to thank John and Peter for organizing the event and of course Graham for setting up each shoot, general advice and patience on the day.

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