Rotterdam & Rotterdam Zoo

Rotterdam short visit

As part of a work visit to Rotterdam, as always I take any and all opportunites to wonder the local streets and visit the key sights. As I do this I’m always thinking ‘How can I be different’. With only two nights and two days, with a fairly washed out day time, I focused on the evening blue hour, as there wasnt really a sunset during my visit.

In addition on the last day I visited the Zoo. I enjoy trying to find the expressions and capture their actions. While I regret the animals are there, they are well looked after. In some cases like the Rhino and Elephant they probably stand a better chance of survival compared to their homelands.

Erasmus Bridge – As evening falls, the lights come on and day falls to night. I liked this shot due to the water taxi blasting past, they travel at some speed across the water

Rotterdam March 2018

Rotterdam March 2018


The following selection includes several landmarks and signs around Rotterdam. Each day I walked 7-9 miles and the same again by Metro. We start with the bridge and docks in the evening. Several of the waterfront shots are HDR combined from 5 exposures using my GX8 on a small travel tripod

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Next day the light improved throughout the day. I started with the Market hall and Cube houses. At the rear is the White house and docks. Inside the Market are many food stalls and eating areas. The ceiling is bright and colourful, just a shame I couldnt get back in evening with lighting. As a biker the home make trike was an interesting find


On the final day I decided to visit the Rotterdam Zoo. This image was reworked with a new background, but one of my favourites

Rotterdam_310318630 copy

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With limited time I zoomed through the Ocean section, but again got some interesting shots


The above is just a fraction of the shots taken over the two days and nights. I think I captured a good variety, due to the overcast weather, the main items missed was the local historic buildings, maybe next time!

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