Blists Hill Victorian Town September 2018

A long weekend of photography starting with a few hours at the Blists Hill Victorian Town, see for details. This was my first time here and with so much to see and do, its well worth a visit. Photographically its a great place to wander

As you enter the town, you have the Bank, Engineers, Grocers and Chemist, with the staff in period dress and more than happy to discuss their role and shop contents. Though an offer for teeth check up, was quickly declined

Next is the Iron Foundry, Printers, Masons Yard

Next visit is the Candle makers, Pottery and Tinsmiths

As you move further into the town, you pass the pigs, Brick and Tile works, Saw mill, Mine shaft, Ironworks, play area with classic rides and games and much more

Many thanks to all the staff and town members, who were informational and more than happy for me to take their photos. A good example of how a museum should be!

Next I travel on to South Wales, in particular Gower Peninsula, see the next blog for information and more images

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