Salford Quays Architecture

So it’s February 2022, the weather finally turned for the better, though still bitterly cold, and just in time for a day’s workshop and walkabout around Manchester’s Salford Quays. This was supposed to be about long exposure, but getting to the evening and that point, took many hours. Regardless the following are some of my favorites from the day.

Starting from outside the Imperial War Museum

Trying to capture form and structure, as well as show its construction, down to the rivet

As we moved into the shopping area and down the canal

Later returning to the center for a break, ready for the evening

Finally preparing for the evening sunset and long exposure shots

Resulting in the main shots of the evening

The next shot has been created using 3 exposures, each with 30-second exposures at different apertures

These last few shots were taken at 30-50 second exposures with multiple ND grads, tripod mounted, using a remote shutter controller. By 18:30 things become quite chilly and we called it a day.

Lessons learned were, you don’t need a tripod and 30 minutes for static structures in bright sunlight, all the daylight shots were taken handheld in either Aperture or Manual mode, ISO 100. Secondly to get the evening and night shots, a tripod, and filters are essential to getting the right effect. I could have done better, but for my first proper photography outing in 2022, I’m happy with the results.

Update to original post, as I used my Samsung S20 FE night mode to take a few shots, hand held

Stay well, be safe

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