Welshot Off Camera Flash

Welshot mini module workshop

With the weather being wet and windy, I decided last minute to attend a Welshot off camera flash workshop. I knew it was specifically for beginners, but it was a good introduction to a new group. I figured due to the cold, windy day they would stay indoors, but I was wrong, out into the cold we went..

The following is a short summary of the shots taken, while in Chester with Alex and Melaine. We started in the open air car park next to the Crown Plaza hotel. It wasn’t ideal, but the light was constant. We soon moved into the upper walkway, part of the walled city of Chester. The main focus on using off camera flash, rather than composition or location

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While in a small group with one model, we later switched over, allowing some variety


All shots taken with my equipment, a Tamron 24-70mm on Sony A7 III, using Godox 350S flash on stand, with small defuser and a Godox remote trigger. A range of setting, depending on available light, background etc. but in general F2.8-F8, ISO 100-200, 1/125-1/250

Modern camera and flash equipment provide us with the tools to take better shots. While I get the need to use manual everything on older equipment, it’s good to understand, but it’s not always necessary. It’s about moving with the times, learning about the new tech and embracing it. As such most shots were using TTL. This works because the model is within a few meters in fairly controlled lighting conditions and the camera/flash are working together to give a balanced shot. There is no wrong way.

Minor post production work via On1 Photo Raw 2020, to reduce the background glare and ensure the models have clear separation

So overall a well managed half day, with a nice selection of people. I wish to thank Welshot photographic academy and the team

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